Away from Home…

A Celebration of Independence

In commemoration of Africa Day, Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus celebrated Africa’s independence, freedom and liberation strife from colonial imperialists. Coinciding with Pentecost on 20th May, the church celebrated the feast with a twist; by welcoming our African brethren, who also animated the Mass; in the hopes of raising awareness, and showcasing their culture and heritage to the local community.

The Presider, newly ordained Fr. Xavier Andrew, in his vibrant homily of the Feast of the Spirit, delivered the message that God’s gift of the spirit is not to be wasted; we need to recognise the work of the spirit, and its beauty in our daily struggles.

Representatives, namely from South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, Sierra Leon and Ghana took part in the liturgical celebration, all garbed in their beautifully coloured traditional attires.

As a spirit of goodwill by the African community, fellowship then followed with sumptuous African cuisine being served.


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