shc feast 2019

Theme: Baptised And Sent

June 2019 -Focus:Prophetic  -Feast/Events:Pentecost  -SubTheme:Courage To Be Different.

Humility Is The Foundation Of LOVE,The Habitat Of Charity

KUALA LUMPUR:-Humility is very importance. An important virtue we need in our lives.  

Fr Lawrence Ng said this at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (SHC), on June 6, 2018 in celebrating the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.This year parish feast begins on June 6 and will conclude on June 10.

This year chosen theme is "Walking With The Heart of Jesus".The Congregation of the Disciples of the Lord (CDD) priest said he will be walking here this five days.The focus today (Day 1) is on Humility.

Using slides in his homily in both English and Mandarin, Fr Ng mesmerized the assembly attention that humility in one's life is very important. He quoted from the scripture text, the very words of Jesus..." Learn from Me, for I'm meek and humble of heart" (Matthew 11:29). Even St Augustine said what is the essential thing, is humility. Jesus asked each one to imitate Him.

Fr Ng went on to state that humility is the foundation of love, the habitat of charity. Humility from the heart of Jesus.

Quoting Philippians 2:5-8; about Jesus who humbled Himself, which tells of the humility of Jesus; who became as a human, together with us. On Jesus humility, Fr Ng said our God becoming Man, coming into the earth as a defenseless Child.

More on Jesus humility expressed through His Sacred Heart, Fr Ng quoted from the Gospel where Jesus washed the feet of His apostles. Jesus kneeling down and washing the feet of apostles, telling us to be humble.

"His humility in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist,where He transforms the bread and wine into His body and Blood through the Holy Spirit, so that we could receive Him in Holy Communion". Even Jesus presence in the Tabernacle enclosed "imprisoned", so that we can approach Him at anytime, whenever we want, with the proper disposition.

Our Lord's humility is remarkably evident. His totally giving His life for our happiness and salvation.
Jesus ever ready to serve and suffer on the Cross because of us all. This made possible because our Lord was humble and gave His live for us, as made possible through His humility.

"We are called to imitate Him, and one day be like Him", added Fr Ng.

In ending his homily, Fr Ng invited the assembly to thank our Lord for everything He has done for the love of us. He also quoted a Chinese Proverb; namely 'Be like the bamboo. The higher you grow, the deeper you bow". Fr Ng said if you want to be highest person, you must first bow down to the lowest.

A short video clip about Nelson Mandela was also shown, which shown Mandela spoke among others, honesty and humility being the most important.

The Mass was presided by Fr Ng and con-celebrated with SHC priests, Fr Edwin Peter and Fr Simon Lau, with the assistance of P.Deacon Sandnasamy Peter from Ipoh.

While the Mass was held in the Church; at the parish hall (Dewan Louis Guittat),simultaneously Fr Edwin led the Tamil-Speaking parishioners in the first part in Tamil including the homily; before all joined in with the rest in the Church for the remainder part of the Eucharistic celebration.

Fr Ng invited the assembly to ask the Lord and the Holy Spirit for the virtue of humility and to serve people around us and put God in the center of our life.

After Mass, Fr Edwin introduced Fr Ng, the preacher and Fr Edwin's assistant, Fr Lau and recently ordained P. Deacon Sandnasamy to the assembly. He also welcome all to join in the parish feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and touched briefly on Jesus' humility. Fr Edwin also invited all to stay back for a light dinner fellowship, held in the courtyard of the parish.

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