SHJ FEASTDAY: World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests


KUALA LUMPUR:- "As we gathered here to pray for our priests to be sanctity, to be a noble priest for us. Keep in mind the priests that they will always follow the Heart of Jesus".

Archbishop Julian Leow said this to the assembly on the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, on June 8, 2018, in celebrating the World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests or also known as the Sanctity of Priestly Life.

The prelate presided the morning Mass at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Con-celebrants were the Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam, Msgr Daniel Lim, Fr Albet Arockiasamy, Fr Clarence Devadass, Fr Simon Lau, Fr Andrew Manickam OFM,Cap, Fr Xavier Andrew, Fr A. Amalanathan, Fr Vincent Thomas, Fr Surian Durai Raj, Fr Paul Cheong OFM, Cap, Fr Christopher W. Soosaipillai, Fr Edwin Peter, with the assistance of P.Deacon Sandnasamy Peter.

In his homily, Archbishop Leow addressed the assembly saying, my dear friends, why do we have this Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Why the celebration in the Catholic Church?. Perhaps you have the reason of its own. Perhaps we have put Jesus Christ on the pedestal too high before and perhaps to bring Him closer to us we have this Solemnity of His Sacred Heart.

Touching on priests; the prelate said a priest celebrating a Wedding Mass in the morning, and a funeral in the afternoon, and perhaps later an evening Mass. What a roller coaster priests undergo!. 'The Entrance procession hymn was joyful, but sometimes we feel burden of life'. Solemnity for us to imitate the Heart of Jesus. Heart associates with emotions; usually compassion,loving, caring and forgiving in our daily lives. Or are we judging, being prejudice against others, to be stray away from this loving Heart of Jesus?. Do we sympathy with others around us?. Do we pray for others as Jesus prays for us?. From His divinity which is rightly His; to His humanity which is rightly His. Perhaps we have forgotten.

Today sanctification; priests, said the prelate, to imitate Jesus; more and more imitate His Sacred Heart. In fact laity too, all are called to have compassionate hearts, and not harden hearts which experience a rage of emotions that each heart has.

The prelate went on to say today we pray for all priests and all baptized Christians that we will reflect the Heart of Jesus in our lives.

On the new context of new Malaysia, archbishop Leow asked 'What are you doing about it, do we come together as one nation?'
'As people who knew what is was, how it was, discrimination and experience negativity.Now through our discerning hearts will not repeat the past and ensure we are part of the solution'.

Today ask Jesus that more and more people may come to know His humanity; as we know His divinity, by truly living out the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The prelate also urged prayers for all our priests, those present and those gone before us, we remember them. All our priests that we will be faithful; initiating and walking with Jesus and reflecting His heart and all the values of the Gospel be put in practice in our priests, as shepherd and priests of this archdiocese.

Fr Edwin, after Mass, thanked the archbishop and the priests who have come here this morning. The parish priest also expressed his appreciation to all those laity present, filling up the Church to capacity.

Archbishop Leow said today is a Solemnity, a celebration, hence no abstinence or fasting today.

The prelate also stated that Pope Francis also asked all the faithful worldwide to pray for peace in the world today at 1pm. Archbishop Leow suggested we observe a minute of silence and pray as a community now,(at 11.40am) and can do again at 1pm wherever we are; in our hearts to pray for peace in our family, BEC, Parish community, nation and in the world and most importance for peace in ourselves.

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