SHJ FEASTDAY 3: Focuses on Sacrifice


KUALA LUMPUR:-Fr Lawrence Ng CDD continues with his preaching on Day 3 (June 8, 2018) with the focus or reflection on Sacrifice. He said Day 1 and Day 2 of the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was on Humility and Compassion.

The Religious priest quoted from the scriptures on various texts about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

"It is finished" (John 19:30) on the cross. Jesus, according to Fr Ng, uses these words to say the debts (our debts) has been fully paid, with His blood. Jesus fully paid the debts of sin, suffering those 6 hours on the Cross and dying for our sins, which we owned the debts. 

As in Hebrews 10:12 (Christ Sacrifice once and for all),His sacrifice as the supreme sacrifice, once and for all, added Fr Ng. God does this all sacrifice, once for all and Jesus fulfilled the laws.

By saying "It is finished",Jesus was saying all the pictures of Him in the tabernacle furnishings, the priestly ministry, and the sacrificial system were completely fulfilled.

Fr Ng reiterated that Jesus loved us so much and sacrifice for us. 'Of those we focus on the sacrifice, Jesus was both the priest officiating and the sacrifice. Priest kiss the altar, representing Jesus'.

Each is of a different posture of Jesus on the Cross:-

Surrender:Christ is our burnt offering, complete surrender to God. "This sacrifice focused on the perfection of God, and expressed adoration, devotion, commitment, and complete surrender to God. it was a voluntary act of worship and served for atonement for unintentional sin in general". 

Service: Christ is our meal offering.
"This offering represents Jesus Christ as the Bread of Life (John 6:48). He nourishes our souls as we worship Him and ponder His Word (Acts 20:32). Fr Ng added that our life is given by God. 

Sacrifice: Jesus is our peace offering. "Jesus compared Himself to a grain of wheat that had to die before it could live again in a better form (John 12:23-25). Thus to have any hope of heaven, a sacrifice is required.

Asking the assembly, What you should do to go to heaven; Fr Ng responded: Pray and Sacrifice. To be true disciples of Christ, to do good and go to Confession; but of course need to leave the earth (to die). 

Fr Ng posed the question 'How does this apply to us?. We must obey the five sacrifices of Christ, and how to apply it to our lives,namely:

OBEYING. Obeying the Gospel, including having faith in Christ as God's Son.

REPENTING.Repenting of lifestyle of sin.

CONFESSING. Confessing Christ before men. it is difficult, said Fr Ng. As many of us when in public places, don't make sign of the Cross or say grace before meals, as afraid people are watching us. We need to do these to tell people to thank God.

BAPTIZED. We need to be baptized from sin. One must remain faithful. 

SATISFACTION. It's purpose was forgiveness.

We need to put all of these sacrifices of God. Because of the Heart of Jesus, He sacrifice for us.

Fr Ng also share about his real life story of an incident which affect his family. He said no matter what happens, we must have faith in God, for He is always there even if we face with grave challenges in life.

He also shown a short video clip about the sacrifice of Jesus, on His Crucifixion. He invited the assembly to remember what Jesus did for each one of us. He sacrifice for all.

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